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I realise that the 50th strip is taking a really....really long time. But fear not, it IS coming, inspiration is just very hard to find at the moment.

So, in order to apologise and try and keep my audience, I offer you something new. Enjoy.

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Tiny Gunners


As you may have noticed, there will be a slight delay before the next strip. Being that it's the 50th, and I hardly ever make it to 15 strips in a comic, I'll be doing something a little special.

And at this stage, it looks to be bigger than the christmas special.


Donations of whiskey and uppers will be MOST appreciated.
Tiny Gunners


You guys are awesome, you know that? Huge thank you to whoever bought me the paid account. (You're my fucking hero, and will be aptly rewarded!)

And just as huge thank yous to those of you that have donated to the cause. I'll get somethign special out to you as soon as I can - as well as MAYBE a new comic today. That, and you've all inspired me to get off my ass and work on a small treatie. LOVE.